When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Edge Punch Swatches

Are you one of those crafter who likes to hoard? Well, I am. I'm nuts about EK Success and Martha Stewart and boy, I think I have about 125 different styles. Shhh... I know, remember I have the obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Most of these punches are being stored in an Ikea drawer and with all honesty, I do not have any idea which ones I have. So to solve this dilemma, I made some swatches then drilled a hole and puts them in a binder ring. So now I can go through my edge punch collection without digging in the drawers. Here are the pics:


Need my Mojo back....

An original composition while my mind is suffering from a severe crafter's block...

Crafter's block, crafter's block, go away,
I need my mojo back today,
I need it back, so I can make my dear ones happy and gay,
I have to make gifts and cards for their birthdays and also on Mother's Day.
Oh dear, it is also the month to remember our wedding day.
Indeed, I ought to be busy day after day during the month of May,
But crafter's block keeps pestering me all day.
So please crafter's block stay away,
Have pity and give me back my mojo right away...

I need the creative juice flowing... HELP!

Babbling of the day

DH is off today. Got plans to go to the BX. Over the weekend, he came home and was excited to tell me that Air Force scrapbooking stuff were on sale. Too bad, I didn't see any sale or clearance scrapbook items. Disappointing, yes, but that's alright. I did see though some major changes in the crafting goods that the BX carries. They now expanded their line and was really surprised to see Cricut, DCWV, Bazzill, My Minds Eye, tons of Hero Arts (both clear and rubber mounted stamps) and alot more. It was pretty neat. I remember how craft deprived we were in Osan three years ago. Happy shopping for those active duty military and their spouses stationed abroad. I'm sure the AAFES will stock up more for you guys.

It was indeed a success not to buy anything about crafting in the BX but I did splurge on my daughter. I got her 4 new pretty dresses, 1 black pumps and 1 slip on sandals. Yeah, I agree she is a princess. 
I was planning to buy her a dress for my son's birthday but I ended up shopping for her. The birthday boy only got a pair of black flip-flops. I wasn't able to get myself a sneaker either. I guess I will have to wait until the season change. The sneaker type I want is more like a summer type and they are still a bit pricey right now. I also got my DBIL a perfume for pasalubong and hoping he would like it. Didn't buy much for myself. Headache starting to hit really good. My daughter and I had been sniffing too many perfumes. She was even asking me to spray it on her. Perfume is a big no-no for someone who has sinusitis.

I also got some Martha Stewart household and kitchen stuff. What I like most was the queen size bedsheet sets, got them for $30/set. I missed doing my shopping in the BX. You will always find a good bargain deals especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hmmm, what a coincidence, today is Wednesday...

DH took us also to the thrift store. I think it was a rip off. Imagine a DCWV 6X6 album for $11.99. Hope the ones in charge for the pricing knows what she's doing. Anyways, in a corner together with some craft magazines, I found a quilling kit for $5.88, which I admit was a good deal.
I also found a white plastic 3-drawer organizer for $11.99. I wasn't sure if that was a good deal but heck, its paid and it's now sitting in the back of our truck. Too late to even regret buying it.
We planned to eat out and go to the Filipino store after the trip to the BX. But my headache was getting pretty bad. We went home and I was in a bad mood but I still tried to force myself to eat and feed the babies. The next few hours was pretty nasty until I finally dozed off. Couldn't sleep in the bedroom because laying down makes the head hurts even more. I actually slept sitting down in my comfy chair in the dark craft room. The whole family didn't eat dinner, everybody was asleep by now while I'm wide awake blogging.

I feel guilty not updating my blog. I'm spending more and more time in FB and completely ignoring fixing the house, my crafting and my blog. I need to make tons of Mother's Day card but nothing. There's a huge mess in my craft room and alot of things that needs to get done in the house. I am really starting to have remorse about buying a big house. I really need help fixing this big house. DH had been putting up 12hours a day. I got no help and I have to take care of 4 people. By the time I stopped doing the daily routine, I'm too exhausted. All I want to do is sit down and goof around. I am so thankful to my daughter for helping me alot in the house. Haist...

Time out. Gotta do more babbling tomorrow. Will also insert pics tomorrow. Need to force msyelf to go to bed now. Julie Powell should be an inspiration... Be positive and need to stay on track to meet my goals!

Cya tomorrow! Kisses and big hugs...