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Friday, February 18, 2011

How I Store My Sticker Embellishments

Are you like me who got tons of stickers, rub-on transfers and 3D embellishments?  Does your stash gets uncontrollable and crazy too? Well, for years I tried different ways of storing my collection but I wasn't all that successful.  I tried hanging/rotating fixtures, scrapbook memorabilia envelopes, big zip lock bags, huge boxes but none of them really works.  Finally, as I was cleaning up my room couple days ago, I came up with a better idea and I just loved it.  Goodness, it took me all day long just to get this accomplish but it's all worth it...

I bought these filing boxes a year and half ago at Ollie's.  I think we paid $6.99 for one and if I'm not mistaken this is a retired product of Office Depot.  We bought a whole bunch of these to serve as my mobile storage system during those months that we lived in small hotel room in PA.  Then when move to Texas and I finally had a craftroom of my own.   DH spent money to buy me some furniture so these boxes ended up as storage for things that's hardly been used and of those that's sour to the eyes.  And now, I'm so glad that I found another good use for these boxes...
 We have filing folders in our office supplies and I used them to segregate each type of stickers, rub-on transfers and also 3D embellishments.
Each folders are labeled according to its kind.
 Aren't they super neat!?
 I got this black cardboard box at Ikea and this particular one is solely dedicated for alpha stickers, chipboards and transfers.
I also have other boxes for Christmas embellishments, Christmas mini-ornament embellishments and Journaling Blocks and Titles and Sentiments.

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Vicky said...

WoW you have a lot of stickers I store my stickers like you in hanging folders. I would have to say you have more than I do.