When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Circle Circle Magazine Challenge - Spring Cleaning

Okay ladies, this blog entry will be almost like reposting.  Last month, I did my spring cleaning because a friend of mine inspired me to clean my creative space/classroom/living room.  My craftroom almost serves as our living room because I spent most of time there with my kids.  They would study, play and watch in that room.  Sometimes, we are so caught up with what were doing and would even eat meals and take naps there.  I know that it's weird but that's me and my kids.

Anyways, as I've mentioned earlier I did my spring cleaning last month so if you want to see how I store my craft supplies and want to see my play room, please look for February archive in my blog.  I have shared there almost all myf storage ideas and organizational system so please feel free to have a virtual tour of my room.

The following pics are already posted in my blog but will be reposting particulartly for Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge.

Here's a pic of my Craftroom:
 My Cricut Expression - I bought this dust cover at ebay last month too...
 My Imagine machine - Too bad the ebay seller didn't have the same dust cover for Expression.
 I feel kindda bad that my personal bug doesn't have any dust cover but I intend to buy one for it  and for my Cricut create that is currently in the box.
 This stackable Snapware is an awesome cartridge organizer.  I got it at Target and paid $7.
 One single tray/slot of this Snapware can hold 53carts.
 Since I have very little space now in my craftroom,  I decided to put the cartridge boxes in our library downstairs.  Yeah, I have my own cricut library LOLz...
 These two folding plastic crates was sent to me by DH and I used them to store my Cricut crtridge handbooks, wires & cables and gypsy.  They are placed under the table for easy reach.
 There goes my Cuttlebug machine with some dies.
 About a year ago, I bought a Cropper Hopper photo boxes and used it to store all my embossing folders, brass stencils and embossing textured plates.
 I made this EF swatches and I often refer to this when I couldn't figure out which embossing folder to use.
 Big cookie jars from Walmart and vintage round clothespin are two important things I used to store my ribbons.  I hate wrinkled and messy ribbons and this is the best solution especially if you are like me who is a hoarder.
 My ribbons were arranged according to colors so I can just grab one jar and pick what's ever in there that  catches my fancy.
 For my big spool of satin ribbons, I store them on a door organizer, while the small cuts are hanging on the side of it.
For more storage and organizational solution,  please refer to my February Archive.  Thank you for dropping by and visiting my room.  Happy weekend everyone!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

NCM Project # 21-25 Thank You Cards

Hello Ladies,

Just posting another bunch of simple Thank You cards for those SCS WRAK Birthday Fairies who took the time and effort to send me cards on my birthday.  I'm sending this cards and hopefully I can enclose a little bit of crafting supplies...

Here are the cards:
Stamp I used is by Crafty Secrets that I bought couple days ago while the papers came from scrap paper bin.  Okay, I admit I have a thing about birdcages and lanterns and bicycle... the list will just go on and on and on.  Hope you like them.  I am thinking of enclosing something inside as a token of appreciation.  Any ideas? 

Clarification about NCM Challenge

Hello Ladies,

This is just a clarification about a certain rule in our NCM Challenge.  I am posting this so it will be clear to everybody.  My friend Joan and I agreed that we should go easy on RULE No. 1: 1 comment for Joan and 1 comment for myself + 1 project = 1 official entry.  Since NCM had become really successful we agreed to go easy on that particular rule and to be perfectly honest, it was confusing.  So there you go ladies, disregard rule number 1 but of course we would both appreciate it if you can stop by once in awhile and leave us some lovely comments but no pressure okay.

Still have couple days to go.  Please keep on posting your projects.  Remember, the more projects you post, the bigger your chance to  win the  goodies.

Thanks for making our NCM challenge a big success.  Now I am starting to think what challenge I might do for next month... or should I just wait for May for National Scrapbooking Day?  Hmmm, what do think?  Let me know your thoughts please...

Goodluck ladies and hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  Hugs!

Monday, March 21, 2011

NCM Project # 14 - 20: Wedding Scrapbook

Today is my birthday but not really up to celebrating it.  DH being away really depresses me.  Anyways, my girlfriend Lia treat us to dinner and I'm glad that we went out.  It made the rest of my day alot better.  She told me that she finally brought the wedding guestbook to her friend last night.  She was happy when she saw it and Lia told me that she almost cried when she saw the guestbook.  I felt really good about it.  Well it always feels good when you made somebody happy, right!?

Since today is my birthday, I decided to take a day off from crafting.  Yeah, I maybe MIA for the last couple weeks but rest assured I'm home and doing what I loved best - crafting.  My recent project is for my dear girlfriend Lia again and I am making a wedding scrapbook for her friend Cynthia.  She's the same bride who got the wedding guestbook.  Anways, just want to you share with the first 7 pages of scrapbook and hope y'all like it.

BTW, one LO will be entered as one entry for NCM project.  Hope I can get done with the rest of the pages before March ends.

First Page - Wedding Book poem
 Second Page - The Beginning, which is a short story of how the couple met and build their relationship.
 Journaling was inserted and can be pulled out using the satin ribbon.
Third Page - The Proposal
Journaling for this page was adhered on the actual LO.
Love this 3-D engagement ring embellishment from Jolee's.
Fourth Page - Engagement 1
I used rub-ons and 3-D stickers for embellishment.
Fifth Page - Engagement 2
Again, journaling block was inserted behind the picture mat.
Sixth Page - Planning of the Wedding
Cut the die-cuts using Cricut E.
Again, I used Jolees for emebllishment for the page.
Seventh Page - The Bridal Shower

Hope I'll be able to get done with this project before the end of the month.  Please know that I really appreciate your participation in the NCM challenge.  I will be leaving comments on your projects soon.  Take care ladies...

Until next project!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

NCM Activity - Scrapbooking Class

A few days ago, Lia spent one afternoon with us and she was really up to learning how to do crafting and scrapbooking.  I didn't make any LO or papercrafting but instead I ended up giivng her tips and tricks on scrapbooking.  Also taught her how to use some of my gadgets in my craftroom.  It was indeed a fun and productive afternoon despite not beign able to create.  Below I will share with you  what she came up with.  I really think I have a good student here LOLz....

 Subject is Lia's 6-month old baby girl, Izzy.   Isn't she a gorgeous baby!?
Not bad for a first-timer right!?  You wouldn't think that the person who made this LO was a newbie.  I won't!

NCM will be over soon, so please keep on posting your projects!