When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baptismal Guestbook and Card

Two weeks prior to the event, I was packing everything for Sophia's big day.  I was already taping the box when I realized I need to make a guestsbook and card for her.  So instead of going to sleep that night, I decided I have to whip a simple card and guestbook before sending the stuff.

 I used a bunch of scraps for the front page, where the focal point was a frame for Sophia. 
 I used my Stampin' Up SAB stamp kit and Martha Stewart Craft Your Own Stamp for each pages of the guestbook.
 This is supposedly an entry for DCWV first card challenge but like the many attempts I did, I wasn't able to submit it.
Don't you just love the doily I used?  I love it and I'm glad I got it.
Oh, BTW, its a Stampin' Up die...

Hope you did find some inspiration on the DIY Baptismal stuff I made.  If I had the time and the oppurtunity, I would have made some flower decor, cupcake/cake topper and centerpiece for the table.  My brother and my sister-in-law was very happy and pleased when they got the stuff I sent so I guess thats what really counts...

Hope I can still find some pics of my projects the last months that I failed to post... 

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1 comment:

Maryann said...

Absolut gorgeous work here from you again hun. As always you´ve done an outstanding job and I can sure see why your brother and his wife were soo pleased, who wouldn´t love to get such an amazing bunch of stunning creations, filled with so much love as all these stunning items has been. I´m soo impressed by the huge amount of everything and you must have been working both nights and days to get all this finished?? But it´s sure all been worth it, as everything looks sooooo fantastic and I love everything you´ve made here. Soo fabulous work hun, well done and TFS it here with all of us.
Have a wonderful day sweet friend and lots of fun I hope.