When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hello fellow crafters, long time no hear from me, right!?   Well alot of things happened since the last time I posted anything here.  I won't go through it but instead I'm delighted to share with you some of my crafting work done during the process:

 A Thank You Card using a CTMH sentiment.
 One of my favorite amongst this batch.  Again, I used my long been ignored CTMH stamps and inkpads.
It's been so long now since I last made a vintage card.  I think I just got Heirloom Stack of DCWV when I made this card.  It's one of my okay card but not my favorite...
Love the color combo on this one but I really don't like the final outcome.  I tried using diecut pictures from DCWV Coral Couture stack but came out bad.
My DD showed me a card template from one of my magazine and told me to create something similar.  Again, I took advantage of the fact that we were in CC and I dont have any stamps except CTMH, not that I mind...
A card I made for Lt. Curbs or the lady whom everybody called "Jack's Mom".  Yeah, she has a son named Jack too.  I made this card after learning she was expecting her second baby.  Everyone was so excited for her because we know how much she worked on becoming pregnant again.  Too bad, this card didn't make it on her desk because she lost the baby.  But then again, couple months before we left TX, we were told that she was pregnant again;  So happy for her, only thing is, I can't find this card anymore will all the moving, packing, storing and shipping.  Maybe I'll have the chance to make one again soon... Stamps are CTMH and Recollection.
 Another card made using a diecut and paper scraps from DCWV Coral Couture.  Love it!
 Same as above... I used paper scraps and diecuts from DCWV.  Noticed the weird positions of the bling?  It's because of the heat in TX.
"Friends fill your life with joy, your soul with sunshine and your heart with love." I made this card with the intention of sending my love and appreciation for my friend Myra.  Thank you my friend for the special coffeemaker gift but sorry if this card didn't reach you.  Well, at least you have a digital one, LOL.
A card I made for my DS, Ella, my DD chose the template from Paper Crafting Mags Special Issue. Stamps are CTMH...
Really love this color combo. Background and sentiments are CTMH stamps.  This is a simple, no fuss card.
Found this Basic Grey stamp from Hobby Lobby on sale and DD asked me to make a card out of it. Love the colors and the MS flower embellish...
My goal is to make a dainty, simple quilt card.  I failed because I think it came out so flat and boring.  Well, once in awhile we get those "oops" card right!? At least I get to ink my Cornish Heritage stamp.
 Not sure if I posted this card already but with Halloween on the way, I missed making all sort of projects and cards.  I still think that Kraftin' Kimmie is the best Halloween stamps.
A strip of lace, some chipboard banners and alphas and a couple of scrap paper... Voila! a gorgeous simpple card I made especially for my mom.  Glad she loves it!
Another attempt to make a quilt card.  You be the judge LOL, promise I won't get mad... Making a simple and clean card is really hard for me. Nee more practice, right!?
 Another card that didn't make it to the PO.  Also an attempt to use flower, chipboard and scraps that starting to collect dust in my craftroom.
Finally, the highlight of my post, a 3D framed hydrangea card I made for my DMIL. Well as a general rule, you always make the bestest card for the people that matters to you, right. 
I've always been a big fan of Kitty and her wonderful 3D card creations. If you are interested, here is her tutorial, go ahead and check her site.  I'm sure you will be so overwhelmed of her gorgeous works and wonderful tutorials.

That's it for now... Take care peeps...

BTW, I hope you noticed my effort in getting rid of some unwanted papers and that is by using them as envies for most of these cards...

Now I wont feel so bad that I didn't have anything crafty for this year's archive....


PINAY said...

Somebody's on a roll! Nice to see your cards again Claire :D

Maryann said...

WOUW sooooooo many gorgeous cards here again hun. Soooo good to see you´re back on track making cards again, and sooo many really awesome ones here. I absolutely love all the blue ards here, they´re just so perfect, but ofcause they all are, I just love the blue shades soo much he he he.
All your work is as always just gorgeous sweet friend.
What a wonderful sight to get back home to here in the veeeeeeery cooooooooooold Denmark again BRRRRRRRR. Hope you´re having a wonderful time and a much better weather than we have here?
Have a wonderful day and lots of fun hun.