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Monday, September 20, 2010

Found the absolute...

Couple weeks ago, I was on the hunt for SWAK stamps, which is being released by Crafter's Companion.  Since I was addicted to shopping and hoarding, I didn't only buy the complete set of SWAK but I also bought all the Popcorn the Bear stamps that I don't have and also this!!! 

Finally, I find a good adhesive and gooey remover for my Cricut mats.   I used to clean my mats with soap and warm water before spraying it with the  repositionable spray.  But then I noticed that by doing that, I really couldn't get all the fibers and junk off my mat.  But now, Crafter's Companion came out with a latest innovation that solves this dilemma.
STICK AWAY,  is an adhesive and gooey remover by Crafter's Companion.  It is so perfect for cleaning up your filty mat.  Just look at the gooey stuff that I scraped off my Cricut mat.  Yeow! But I was really amazed with how it cleaned my mat was after spraying it once.  The tackiness and junk turns into a jelly like form, which makes the scraping a breeze.  I hope I have enough more mats to clean hehehehe, but I'm way too cheap that up to now I'm still using the same mat that came with my Expression.
Can you see the difference between the side where junk had been scraped off and the side where it needs to be cleaned?  I'm so glad I found this STICK AWAY!  Do you know that I only waited 30seconds before I start scraping my mat?  So yeah, in a minute or two, your mat is already clear off its gooeyness.
I am giving this product a 5-STAR rating.  And guess what?  This product smells heavenly.  But please be reminded that we are not supposed to inhale the vapor of products like this and should be sprayed only on a well ventilated area.  This is also a highly flammable product and should only be applied where there is no exposure of lighted candles or heat.
Crafter's Companion STICK AWAY also came out with another product, STICK and SPRAY.  I so love it too.  I was using the 3M repositionable spray but it gets really sticky that my paper had completely adhere in the mat.  The tackiness on this adhesive is just about right and like STICK AWAY, your mat is all ready for you in just about 30seconds.

That's it.  I'm really going to bed now :-)....

BTW, I am not in any way connected or endorser of Crafter's Companion.  This is just a personal review based on actual experience.

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