When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My muse is missing yet I'm in the mood for...

My muse is missing yet I'm in the mood to dress-up some gifts to couple people. I wrapped the presents few days ago but goodness I couldn't come up with an idea for a card.  Finally this evening, I told myself, it's now or never.  The boxes has to go out in the mail tomorrow.  It wasn't easy at first but I was pretty pleased with the cards that would go with the gifts.  I assembled all the embellishments from scratch.  If you don't know yet, I'm a big collector of mini Christmas decor/ornaments and I'm taking them all with me to Europe.  Okay, no more babbling.  Here they are.  Have fun viewing them!
A card I made for my mother.  
I tried to keep the card simple, like I said my muse is MIA for almost a week now.  
I added felt bird and snowflake chipboard as embellishment.
The card was the last one I made among the batch.
  A box of chocolate that will go with a card.
See the candycane?  Rather than let it sit here in the house, I used the candycane as embellishment.  
Believe me, it's healthier that way...
I mostly used organza for my gifts.  I grabbed a bunch of these while we were still in
Lousiana  couple months ago.
I think the organza added an elegant touch on the gifts.
Another glimpse of the gift.
The gift and the card.  Hope it matches!
A card for a craft friend...
I used mostly old school embellishment like dew drops, brads and felt flower.
Still hoping that my muse would start to pick up.
This is the second card I made. I was still having a hard time putting things together.
The gift that goes with the second card...
I really like the cinnamon bark and mini wreath in this gift.
I used red organza on this gift.
I made this wreath from scratch
I'm really pleased with the outcome.
Like the rest, this will go postal tomorrow.
Hope the recipient will have many use for this gift
and the other stuff I added in her box.
Card I made for my sweet and loving DH.
Yeah, I know, I didn't notice that my bling was kindda crooked.
Don't worry, I got that fix before the box got sealed.
Again, in this card, I used candycane as embellishment and added mini Christmas decors.
This is the third card I made for the night.
My daughter bugged me that her Daddy needs a new wallet.  So we bought him a
nice Perry Ellis brown wallet. Spent a little on the big guy, he very well deserve some nice gifts.  
The wallet is just one of those gifts we got him.  Actually we are sending him two big boxes.
Two big boxes and I bought them all online.  He would be happy that I didn't go to the store.
I wish the boxes would still make it there in time for Christmas.
Hope DH will have lots of fun opening his gifts...
Another card I made for another friend.  This was my first attempt this evening.
This maybe simple but I really love it!
I finally get to try my new Spellbinder dies.  Love it!
The gift.
Again, I added cinnamon bark as embellishment.  Love it!
Hope my friend would like her gift too!

That's it for now.  Thanks for viewing.  Hope this is the start of a good crafting week.  Christmas is one of those occasions where you just wanna keep on making craft projects.

That's it for now.... I should have been in bed couple hours ago.  Hope I can still get up early to go to the PO.
Christmas is almost in the air.  My kids are so excited with their gifts...  I can't wait!

Nyt everyone!


4kids4 said...

Wow!! What beautiful presentations!! I'm not sure I would want to open up any of those...they're much too pretty! TFS!

~Sharon C.

Vicky said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! YOU HAVE DONE A FABULOUS JOB!!! love your projects, i am now a new follower