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Monday, March 11, 2013

Do I really wanna do it?

Do I really wanna do it? That is the question I've been asking myself since Becky Higgins started her Project Life.  I've been following her FB since I don't know when.  I admire her constant taking of pictures of their everyday lives and her way of recording it... Then Project Life product line was born. I asked myself the same question again, still, the answer was no. I don't have time for it.  I can barely do a layout each month, much more, recording everyday life.

About two weeks ago, Becky Higgins announced that Project Life, Olive Edition was on sale at Amazon.  Couple hours later, it was out of stocked already.  Arrgh! Prior to seeing the Olive Edition, I'm still not convince to do PL but then I saw the designs. OMG! and it was designed by none other than Heather Bailey.  I'm a big fan of her...and so finally, I take the plunge.

For a starter, I only bought the Olive Edition and the Cherry Edition for the core kits.  Then I also bought the Childhood Mini-kits: Wellington, Bridgeport and Mayfield.  Part of my inital purchases was 2 sets of Big Variety of Photo Packets Pack 1 (60sheets). Yeah, tell me about not wanting to start PL...

Thursday of last week, I got all the items I bought.  I don't know how should I start so I just followed my guts and decided to work on my collection of die-cuts and journaling cards. Yeah, you heard me right. I been collecting journaling cards for no apparent reason.  I loved them!  I arranged them according to manufacturer and laid them all in a wooden box. Oh, I got the wooden box from smoked salmon gift to me by hubby.  Sshhh, didn't like the salmon but I did enjoy getting the box (mean, right!?).

 So here's the whole collection of 3 X 4's and 2 1/2 X 4's journaling cards.  Also, included
are the MME stamps that coordinates with PL projects.
I wish I brought with me all my journaling tags and cards but sine we were weight restricted during the last move, I was only able to bring a few.  Some of these too, were hauled from Cherry on Top online scrapbook store (they're one of my recent fave!). 
 These were mostly PL products.  I love the 4 X 6 grid cards and so I bought 2 of those. LOL
This is what sits right next to me..
Now wouldn't that inspire you?
I called it pure yumminess!
After a night of cutting and sorting and arranging of these yummies, the next step was to organize the pictures.  
There you go.  
Nicey, right!?
 BTW, I stopped having the pictures printed and told myself I will only get it printed once all the pictures that I currently have, made it in a scrapbook layout (yeah I wonder too, when or if that ever happens.)
 I was almost done but then I came acrossed some die-cuts that I think would compliment well the PL pages. Took them out and tossed them in this IKEA plastic drawer organizer.
 These are mostly shapes, tags, labels, banner, tabs, alpha's and a few quotes/words.
Another IKEA plastic tab that has a bunch of sticker sheets...
 ...a box of lose 12 X 12 designer/patterned paper sitting next to a box of scraps was on the floor. I also put my acrylic box  full of washi tape where I can easily grab it while doing PL. 
These Project Life goodies now occupies half of my craft table.  Everything is within reach.  From embellishment to tools and papers.  Now all that's missing is a Project Life project.

So do you think I could make it!?  I hope so or else I would never justify my PL hoarding...  I guess we'll see about that in my next post...

Oops, before I say goodnight to y'all, would you like me to share with you how I organize my washi tapes?  Okay, here's a peak...
Til next time...
Goodnight peeps...

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Maryann said...

WAUW WAUW WAUW, I´m truly speachless sweetie. So many yummi goodies all in such a small place ha ha ha.
You certainly have quite a challenge ahead of you here with this project. I´m afraid, I would never get anything like this finished, but I really enjoy to see, what others are doing with it, and I can´t wait to see, what you´ll be creating with all this???
Didn´t you get the e-mail I sent you some weeks ago?? Just wondered, as it seems to have disappeared from everything, so was wonderfing, if you even got it.
Hope you´re all having a great time and lots of fun, but it looks like you´re doing fine there? ha ha Take good care hun.

Claire Langan said...

Scrapbooking has really been a big challenge for me and I think for so many too. Each one of us would definitely want to be able to scrapbook our children and grandchildren's picture but it was just plain hard to do it all the time. That is exactly the same reason why Becky Higgins came out with a simple memory keeping system. With me, I plan to do it with less embellishment as much as possible. I wanted it mostly with journaling and pictures and possibly some mementos that I could insert here and there. It took me awhile too before I decided to do it. It is also a good way to get rid of scrap paper LOL.
No emails dear. Last I checked on you in Multiply, there's hardly any recent post. Are you going to open a blog account now? Need to let me know okay. Is multipy really gonna get rid of us? Gotta go. Hugs and please take care...