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Monday, April 22, 2013

Martha Stewart Clay Product

Over a year ago, Martha Stewart came out with a new product line, which was CLAY.  The products are consists of silicone molds, clays and accessories.  You can either buy the molds or get the kits, which includes the clay, tools and accessories.  I opted for the latter, of course :-).  If it's Martha's you gotta have it (all of it!). 
Finally I get to play with it.  It was the best clay I ever played with - so soft and so moist.  You can either use the molds or mold it by your hands using the easy step-by-step instructions ,which was also provided.  I tried the roses several times and like I said, it is an easy crafting...
Here's a peak of what my daughter and I came up:
 Aren't they gorgeous?!  I so love the cherry blossom...
 Oh I forgot to mention that there was also an instruction for mixing colors.  The product line offers white, brown and primary colors (red, yellow and blue).  The red was gorgeous.
 All these finished product can be painted or you can just added some sparkles and blings.  After, I left these yumminess air dry for 24 hours, it was so lightweight and the sizes are so perfect for any kind of papercrafting particularly cardmaking.  
As suggested, you can also used these goodies for pins/brooch or headband. 
 Just giving you can idea on how the molds, tools and clay look like.
Hope you will try it too...

MATERIALS: Martha Stewart Clay & Mold Kits

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