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Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Life Update

I haven't been posting about Project Life lately but rest assured I'm still doing it. I'm almost finish now with Ella's baby pictures and very soon I will be starting my son's baby pic. I'm not sure if I mentioned here that I am not too impress about Project Life albums or rather binder. I resolve this matter by trying out the faux leather binder album of WeRMemoryKeeper an  I also bought a bunch of their plastic photosheets.

About a month ago, Becky Higgins launched her Projct Life at HSN and unfortunately, HSN doesn't send to our location.  So for you out there who missed that one great oppurtunity to get kits at a very good price like me, couple more weeks and those kits will be released in Amazon and craft stores like Hobby Lobby.  I can't wait! I also bought 3 more kits couple weeks ago - Clementine,  Seafoam and Turquiose.  The last kits I bought was the Babykit for Him, Babykit for Her, Cobalt and Amber.  I didn't like the Amber too much.

I'm also been mixing journal cards from other scrapbooking companies like Simple Stories, Echo Park, Webster, Pebbles and alot more.  Echo Park and Doodlebug though are my favorites.  I've been also incorporating 4X6 and 3X4 journals images from Silhouette online store.  And if you ever find Project Life to be a little bit pricey, then I suggest you look into WeRMemoryKeeper Albums Made Easy Collections.

Here are the few more pages I made for Ella...

Hope I inspire you enough to start recording your children and grandchildren's life.  Scrapbooking is really becoming a far-fetch dreams for many busy moms like us.  Hurry! Don't wait too long.

Done posting for the day.  Thank you for checking out my post.  Hope y'all have a safe and wonderful week!

Take care peeps... Mwah!

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1 comment:

Maryann said...

WAUW WAUW WAUW! You have certainly been busy here lately hun. Soooooooo many gorgeous creations here again, and all of them are so beautiful made and such a huge amount of work.
I have been watching through all your many amazing entries here, but decided just to comment on one here, as it would take all night, if I should comment on each one of them alone, and it would anyway be pretty much the same, I would have to say about all of them, as they´re all absolutely awesome creations. Is there at all anything you haven´t been trying here lately? ha ha ha I don´t think so, and even those things you´ve done for a first time, they´ve been perfectly made and looks gorgeous.
I just loved your sisters journal and Ella´s mini and also the small clay embellisments are soooo gorgeous. And the hippo birthdaycard is so cute as is your mixed media art too. Something I´ve never been brave enough to try yet, but who knows, maybe some day????
All your projects here today has been absolutely amazing hun, you really did an outstanding job on all of it, that´s for sure. So wonderful to see you back to creating all this again and hopefully we´ll see a lot more of this in the future too. I love it.
Hope you´re all having a wonderful time swetie and having sooo much fun and looking well after yourself too. Take good care hun, hope to chat soon.