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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ella's Serious Cardmaking Attempt

Christmas had been a fun day for us.  My cousin, Ate Car flew from Chicago to spent couple days with us but had to go back home the day after Christmas.  It kindda hit me and the kids again with the same loneliness and sadness when Ed left for Germany.  Since the day she left, my daughter Ella kept bugging me to make Mommi Car a card and bracelets.  She misses her playmate and BFF.  Her Daddy and I gave her a bunch of American Girl crafting goods since she would rather have papers and scissors than toys.  Like usual, if not for dear Michelle, my craft angel, I wouldn't be able to get a good deal for these awesome supplies.  Thanks Sweety!
 She was really excited about Christmas.  Both my kids had patiently waited for the big day
and didn't even attempt to open their presents.
 Keep on digging girl...
Inspecting each one of the items.

Anyways, couple days ago I finally beat the lazy monster in me and gave in to what my daughter wants and that is crafting.  That night we were able to make 7cards and 3 bracelets, quite productive huh.  She was the one who picked the cardbase, the diecut pieces, the sentiments as well as embellishments for each cards.

She only had a liquid glue in her supplies, so I dig into my own stash and gave her some of my tape runner. She had a hard time using it so she asked, if I'll stick everything for her.  Just so you know, these are her own sketches.  I was told that she's in-charge (and I'm the mere slave).  Seriously, she really knows that it's her cards and that she's in-charge and I'm only there to help her.  The exact words were, "I need your help because I want all of these to be perfect."  (Argh, OCDness!) So without further ado, here are the final outcome of her first attempt in serious cardmaking:
 She specifically asked for a very nice envelope for her cards.  This is her very own handwriting.
Not bad for someone who hasn't gone to school yet, right?
 This is for Grandma Langan.  She told me she wants bells and snowflakes for this card.
I got up get a scrap paper and a snowflake punch and let her do the dirty works.
 Card for Grandpa Langan.
 She signed these cards, Ella and Jack
 Of course, she won't forget to make cards for the Big Daddy.  Again, her very own penmanship.
 Like I said, she picked everything she wants in the cards.  I sometimes think it's too much
but you can't argue with a 5-year old, right!?
She picked purple motif for these cards, very much a girl but what the heck, it's her card.  Noticed the sentiments?  Yeah, I know its the same and it absolutely shows how much Daddy means to her.
For the first card for Daddy, she picked a chipboard embellishment as the centerpiece for her card.  
It has a girl mouse and a tiny mouse.  
She said that's her and baby brother, Jackie. 
 Daddy should feel extra special.  Every embellishments was carefully picked.
All the elements she used in her cards except the diecuts has adhesive backing.
so it was really quick and easy for her. 
 These are for Mommi Car...
Everything is supposed to be purple and pink for her...
 First card attempt.  She even accidentally rip the tail of the dog sticker but I told her to still use it.
That way, Mommi Car would know that it was her who had done these cards.
She now have some of my flower embellish.  She had fun going through each packs.
 Ella told my cousin, Ate Car, that they're BFF's.  So to remind of her their pact,
she said she wants a card that says BFF's. 
Again, she went through each and every embellishment and stickers she has and didn't stop until she found what she wants.  She picked the 3-D embellishment/sticker of two young girls sharing a drink and found some alpha chipboards that will go with the sticker. 
Glad that all of American Girls crafting supplies are color coordinated
or else we'll ended up having a color wheel here. 
To add, she really wasn't sure if she like the color yellow as base for this card.  But I told her, she better used up what she have before opening a new one.
 Of course, she can't forget one of those people who are very dear to her,
my sister Midge, whom she calls Tha.
 She really like doggies...
 Again she picked purple as a motif.  She picked the flowers and ribbon for this card.
All these cards has a special message from her.  She writes them all while I spelled each words for her.  She really outdid herself with these cards and I'm so proud of her. 
 We also made some bracelets for Mommi Car and for herself.  She told me to feel free to make some bracelets for myself.  I told her, I would rather that she use it for herself or make some for people she cared about.  I told her that giving handmade gifts can make the recipient feel extra special.
The two bracelet bonds was a crafting kit sent by Daddy from Germany.
She was very particular while picking and painting the charms.
Ate Car told her that she wants blue and pink and so I guess, she'll would be getting what she wants..
 I told Ella that Tha will be jealous of Mommi Car if/when she sees these bracelets she made for her.  
She respond with: Tell Tha I'll make her bracelets tomorrow.  I'm too tired now...
BTW, I was told by her not to call these bracelets... she said, Mommy, those are "Friendship Bracelet."
Ahhm, whatever!
She ended the night by saying, Mom don't forget to put stamps, alright!?

I had fun doing these projects with her.  I'm looking forward to another bonding time with her and hopefully it will sooner than later.   Oh, we made these while Jackie was asleep.  We can't have him terrorizing us in the craft room, right!?

Happy New Year everyone! 

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GreenScrap said...

They turned out beautiful!!! So cute and colorful!! Can I trade moms with Ella?? Every time I told my mom I wanted something crafty she gave me the stink eye. TFS!! Take Care!! Jennie @ http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/