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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Since we are preparing to leave this temporary living facilities, I have to finish up food on the fridge before leaving next week.  I decided not to buy any holiday feast food and settle instead to what I can come up with what's on the fridge.

Mind you, we are not Italians but I was able to cook up the following dishes:

 1.) Pasta Alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes, brocooli and smoked mini-sausage.
      - small box thin spaghetti
      - 2 bottles Pasta Alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes
      - couple strips of Turkey bacon
      - a bag of fresh broccoli flowerettes (salad section)
      - a bunch of sun-dried tomatoes
      - a half pound of smoked mini-sausage
      - medium size onion
      - 2 gloves garlic
      - Cooked pasta for 5-8minutes until al dente. Drain and set aside.  Use the same pasta water to blanch your brocooli.  Run it in a cold water then drain.  Save two or three cups of your boiling pasta water. 
      - In a pan, add half a cup of water and boil the sausages.  Simmer until water evaporates.  Fry the sausages together with your turkey bacon.
      - Once meat brown, add your onion, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. 
      - Add the sauce.  Pour half a cup of your hot pasta water to get all the sauce from the bottle. Sauce will be too thick, so add some of your hot pasta water to make it thinner or until you get the right consistency that you want.  I like using pasta water than milk for less calorie.
      - Turn off the heat, then add your pasta, brocooli and parsley.  Make sure you mix them good so every pasta will be covered with sauce.
      - Serve hot and top it with a bit of grated Parmesan cheese.

2.) Chicken Florentine
     - 1 bag of frozen skinless and boneless chicken breats (thawed)
     - half a pound of prosciutto ham, sliced thinly
     - a big container of part-skim milk ricotta cheese
     - a half cup grated parmesan cheese
     - a bag of frozen spinach (thawed and squeeze).
     - a pinch of nutmeg
     - salt and pepper
     - 2 eggs or a quarter cup of egg substitute
    - Mix all ingredients then stuff it unto the chicken breast
    - Wrap each stuffed chicken breast with prosciutto ham and place them in a baking dish.
    - Drizzle it with olive oil before baking.
    - Bake them at 375degrees for 45minutes
    - Once cooked, take them out of the oven then cover it with foil to keep its juices.

3.) Red Bell Antipasto
     - Couple red bell pepper cut into strips
     - Prosciutto ham
      - Wrap 3 or 4 strips of red bell pepper with a thinly sliced of prosciutoo ham
      - Placed them in a cookie sheet.
      - Add salt and pepper then drizzle it with olive oil
      - Bake at 400degrees for 15minutes

So if you guys are craving for a comfort of Pasta meal, these three dishes goes well together and you and your family will certainly love it.

We didn't spend anything for Christmas eve dinner yet we had a wonderful time.  After dinner, off we went to Mom and Dad's house.  Finally, met young Eddie and felt kindda awkward.  The kids seemed to interact with their big brother although I know that it made Ed sad seeing the kid.  I know that he would rather hug and kiss the kid and pretend nothing has ever happened.

Mom and Dad gave the kids their gifts and it was almost 2 days now yet the kids are still enjoying each gifts they got.  Normally, they would get tired of  their toys almost immediately.  Ella love her Glowdoodle while Jackie got his Tonka ambulance car.  Love you Mom and Dad!  Thank you for thinking about the kids.


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