When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A backstabber

It's kindda hard to accept when a person you treated so well decided to stab you in the back.  Only because of money.  I don't buy it when people say that money is evil and dirty.  It is actually the people that makes money evil and dirty.  To some, money is a drive and motivator. Like this person that we met while we were stationed in Korea.  We treated him so well and had helped him during the times that he was so down and in deep trouble at work.  To make the matters worst, he was also the reason why we got held from our supposedly July 4 departure from Korea. But God is good.  He really takes care of the wicked people and blesses the people who serve Him.

Sometimes, I think my marrying a kindhearted and good-natured man was a setback.  This person I was talking about screwed us three times.  The first and second time, I was ready to give up and not let this person get into our lives again.  After not talking for some months, he sent us an email and gave an impression that he was making up for what he'd done.  DH was totally into it but like most women, I have an instinct and an ill feeling towards this person.  I've always been cautious and I don't normally judge people.  In fact I trust people easily.  Going back to the story, finally, after months of waiting and wondering, we heard from him again. BTW, this is all about a job offer in Riyadh that pays great.  All this time, my DH and the company was working out the employment process back here in the States yet unknowingly this person was manipulating everything back in Riyadh.  Why?  He found out that the job pays 6digits and decided he wants it for himself.  That is so low.  His wife even conspired with him.  I understand her though, because her loyalty is supposed to be with the husband.  Too bad because I treated her like a little sister.  She actually made me believed that we would all be together in Riyadh. Like what I said earlier, God really takes care of the wicked people.  Fortunately, they didn't get the job and every plan they had just didn't work out.  His current employer will not release him.  Bottomline, Ed still got the job offer and fortunately, we will have the chance to turn it down.  When the company told Ed that they picked a different candidate, it brought disappointment and frustrations to Ed.  He was told that he was the only candidate and that he is overqualified to do the job plus his 6 years of working in the past in the Middle East was supposed to be an advantage.  It is indeed suprising yet not surprising to see how far men would go just to get ahead of other people.

Right now, we have a job that may not pay alot but good enough to take care of our family.  We have a job that God wants us to have, that's why we are here.  That is what we prayed for.  A job that would let us stay together as family.  No more travelling long haul and no more scary plane rides.  No more separations.  No more moving around.  We retired to have a normal family life and we have it now.  Money is not enough.  Money doesn't buy happiness nor true friendship.  If money is what drives and motivates you then you will never be happy.  You will never know what life is all about.  We don't live for money, we live for God and for our family.  I can say now that I am so lucky and blessed to be married to a kindhearted and good-natured man.  So if you are blessed and lucky like me, don't forget to get on your knees and thank God for your husband.  I feel sorry for people who are married to a man who doesn't have the decency, moral, dignity and honor.

Lesson learned:  Be very careful as to who you let in in your house and in your family.


ails said...

Your hubby is sooo blessed for having you and your 2 lovely kids Claire. Whatever the backstabber did to Ed, he did to himself. You got something better than the 6digit job offer. You are blessed with more relaxed and happier times with your family. miss you dear!


Claire Langan said...

Lesson learned: Friendship ends when 6digit money is in involved. Trust and friendship shouldn't be given all that easy to somebody. Bottomline, me karma and bilog ang mundo. Sabi nga ni Erap, weather-weather lang yan.