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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Storage for unmounted stamps

Are you one of those crafter's who are in constant search for the right storage system for your supplies?  Well, I'm guilty as can be.  Believe me, I tried so many things but its just hard to stick with your original storage when your stash keeps on getting bigger and your space is getting limited.  I tried to avoid using the EZ storage panel and the plastic storage money wise.  A week ago I got an email notice that Joann's Fabric and Craft store are having another sale on their different craft storage.  The EZ panel, which was $6.99 was down to 50% off.  I took this chance and finally made my mind and bought a bunch.  Each pack has 5 panels and I picked the kid that doesn't have a tab, to avoid paying more. 

These unmounted stamps were stored in CD jewel cases.  But I just reached the point now where I don't want to grab CD cases everytime we are in Walmart or Target.
BTW, I can't  find my mojo and having crafter's block at the same time; and I can't make a single darn card.  Instead, when I got the EZ storage panels that I ordered from Joann's, I start mounting my stamps immediately.

My original plan was just to put those panels with stamps in a regular 3-ring binder.  But when I started mounting the stamps in the plastic panels, some of it doesn't cling all that good.  I am worried that I might lose some especially the small ones, so I went ahead and ordered these white 1 1/2 inch plastic storage binder at Univenture.  

This is how it looks inside the binder. Isn't it nice and clean!?

I decided to go ahead and use the same storage system for my favorite clear stamp brands like the ones pictured, my MFT collection.

My Funkykits collection: Sugar Nellie/Gorjuss Girls

So new house, new craft studio and new storage system for my stamps.  Hope this time, I made the right choice regarding stamps storage system because I am really getting tired of spending money for this reason.


JEROSHA said...

buti pa kayo ni Joan organized na ang mga stamps nyo hehehehehehhehehe iyung sa akin eh wag na natin pagusapan bwahahahahahaha

Claire Langan said...

If you want, I can order you the EZ storage panel. I got mine at 50% off. I am so pleased with my new stamp storage. I should have done it a long time ago and malamang I could have save myself some money.

JEROSHA said...

sige ba =) let's talk about this at Multiply PM.

Claire Langan said...


Claire Langan said...

But you got to realize, limited time na sale to so if you want it you need to make a decision right away.