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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese: An overdue promise

Going to Chuck E. Cheese's was an an overdue promise to the kids.  We've been telling them that we will take them back there once Daddy got a job.  But there's just too many things that's been going on and there was practically no time to go there.  So last Monday I took the effort of getting up early to iron a two week amount of work clothes for Ed ( the joy of being civilian), ate lunch and we're off to the door by noon.

Agenda was to go to Ashley Furniture store first to check on prices then treat the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  If its not too late then we'll probably make it to Sam's.  We only spent an hour or so at Chuck E. Cheese's  because there was just too many people. Ed knows that it freaks me out to expose the kids to alot of people especially with the H1N1 scare going on.  Ella didn't seem to enjoy the trip.  She couldn't seemed to find the right game that she wants because of limited choices due to a big crowd there.  Then, we run out of tokens; and there was a long line at the counter, so we decided to leave.  I must admit that Jackie really enjoyed the basketball.  Next time we go there, he and Daddy will just gonna hog the area.  Ed was very disappointed at the place.  Parents shouldn't be allowed to play as long as they want while a little kid waits for them to get done.  That really sucks...

Here are some photo shots of  Ella while at Chuck E. Cheese's:

Hopefully, Ed schedule will work out good next week.  Maybe we'll be able to take the kids back to the place on a week day to avoid crowd.

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