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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roadtrip to Southwest

Day 1 - Packing last Wednesday ended late so we decided to stay for the night and just leave early morning to beat the traffic.  But like usual,  DH was lousy when it comes to organization.  I did a little bit of re-organization in the trailer and the truck and believe me, there was so much space in there.  He just like to exaggerate.  After checking the tires and filling the gas tank, we finally hit the road at 5AM.

This is what its like when we left PA.  It was snowing pretty hard and visibility was really poor.  It was good that I married such a good and safe driver.  Bad for him because I don't think I will ever learn to drive.

  Jackie being cozy in his car seat.  It was really cold that day.  We sent a message back home in the PI, greeted everybody a Happy New Year.  Wondering how we would greet the New Year...

 Day 2 - DH called it a day and we stayed in Salem, Virginia and not do our usual stop over at Roanoke area.  The hotel where we stayed was probably the oldest one in the area but the view was fabulous. See the background behind Ed and the kids, that's the Blue Ridge mountain. 

Ella dancing around and not minding the cold early morning breeze.  It was a little over 8AM and had a wonderful breakfast.  The hotel where we stayed is not that great but good enough for an overnight good sleep.

Makes me want to sing John Denver's song "Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River... Life is old there, Older the trees, Younger than the mountains, Growing like a breeze, Country road take me home... To the place where I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take me home, Country road..."
I will be seeing you again, my favorite state of Virginia.  Such a fascinating site and lucky are those who are surrounded with such beauty.

This is the yellow truck we bought as a retirement gift for my dearest bebe.  We also bought a caps so the back of the truck will be more useful.

Our Christmas present for Dada.  He really wants a new good trailer.  We picked black so it would match the caps of the pic-up truck. 

The truck and the trailer that had gotten us here in Texas.
Just can't help sharing this photo of a town in Virginia, which was actually seated on the top of the mountains.

Jackie being wacky in the car.  Entertaining Mommy and Daddy, while Ate (big sister) was fast asleep.

Ella prancing around at the Tennessee border.

A stop over at the Tennessee Visitors Center. We did a little bit of stretching and goofing around.  This is also a piss stop and time to get those coupons if you will be staying in one of the hotels on the road. 

Ella showing one of her crazy antics. We hit the road that day until we reached Nashville, which is the state capital and the center for music genre, Blues.  Sorry, too tired to take pic.

Day 3- We left Nashville at dawn and it was pretty cold. We skipped breakfast since the hotel where we stayed at doesn't serve breakfast until 6AM.  Here's a glimpse of Memphis, Tennessee.
Finally, we reached the border of Arkansas.  As much as I like Huckabee, I am not particularly impressed with his state.  It was called the natural state, gosh, there was nothing in Arkansas.  During the trip it took forever to get to the rest area and the roads were pretty bad.  Sorry, just saying my piece :-). 

We finally crossed the Texas border and couple more miles, we decided to stop.  Stayed in a new Holiday Inn Express.  We weren't in a hurry to leave the hotel the following day, anyways, its just couple more hours drive and we'll be in Killeen, Texas.

DH excited to reach our destination.  Probably excited to go back to work.  

We reached our final destination at around 2PM and ended in the most crappiest hotel in the planet.  Gave DH so much misery that night that he decided to leave the hotel the next morning even if we paid for a week stay.

I would end this post with the picture of my DH all ready and set to go to work last Tuesday.  Goodluck Hon and have fun at the corporate field.  Handsome huh!?


ails said...

Awesome! I'd love to read more of your interesting trailer adventures Claire! Your kids are growing too fast! Jack looks soooo much like you. you have a lovely and blessed family Claire. I'm so happy for you! ^_^

Oh, and I love the new background dear. ^_^

Claire Langan said...

Thanks Ails...

Claire Langan said...

Oh, as I go on, I'm learning more and more on how I will have my blogspot look better than the first one. I'm not too techy kase eh and I don't use digital scrapbooking kaya wala akong access for a better blog dress.