When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A special dinner for a special loving husband.

I've been anxious, tensed and edgy about the closing of the house.  PMS was an added factor, so to channel some energy, I made a special dinner last night for my dear husband.  Dinner was consist of turkey meatloaf, boiled red potatoes, green beans and onion/peppers/artichoke salad.  Everybody was happy.  Actually Ed really hates artichoke. While I was working in the kitchen, he kept on saying "I won't eat it.  I won't eat it." But he knows one of my golden rule in the house.  Everybody eats what's on the table, regardless if they hate it.  Just look at the salad.  Doesn't that look yummy!?

DH was so surprise that it actually taste good than what he thought.
There was actually a time in his life that he ate an artichoke and it tasted like furniture polish.  Since then, he made a promised to himself not to eat the food for the rest of his life.  Now, he rediscovered it because of me.  I told him that artichoke is one of the food that is so rich in antioxidant and is good for somebody who has an arthritis.  This evening, he actually didn't complain when I said I'm making him a baon (a Tagalog term for food you take to work or at school) of sandwich and the onion/pepper/artichoke salad.
Here's a pic of the meal last night:

Too bad, we don't have serving dishes in this house.  But who cares, right!?  Everybody says the dinner was excellent...
Gee, I can't even bake the turkey meatloaf in a baking dishes.  I instead used foil and I even forgot to open the foil so the meatloaf could at least brown on the top.  Hey, it was getting late then so I have to hurry up or there will be three starving and screaming maniacs in my house.

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