When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me, Lord." I am a believer that God created each one of us with a unique talent, therefore, use it well to serve Him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

NCM Project #10: Crafting Day with My Kids

Today, our kind neighbor and friend, Lia, took us to Lowe's so I can get bags of red mulch for our yard.  Then, I offered to treat her to lunch but Yank Sing (Chinese Resto) was still closed by the time we got out of Lowe's.  So to kill time,  we went to Hobby Lobby.  Like usual, I can never get out of a craft store empty handed.  I bought myself a set of clock parts, lollipop sticks and goody bags.  I wanna be able to make some cake pops again and I want it this time to have the things that I needed.

Ella made an awesome job in finally learning how to count, read and write 1-100 last night.  I thoguht of giving her a break today and just let her do crafting.  Yeah, I know, craft store gives me bad ideas LOLz...  I let my kids picked whatever they want (it was non-stop until I finally said NO!).  We got home, ate lunch, took a long nap and then made some wonderful projects.  I know that my kids mostly done these projects with very little help from me but still I want to enter it as NCM Project #10.  Hope you'll like them!  I think my kids got my art/craft inclination LOLz.... 
This is what's currently in my craft table right now.
Ella made this 3-D foam Castle project with some help from her brother Jack.  I also helped but only with the gluing (white and hot glue) and with sticking those chenille wires.  I noticed how she clearly follows the instructions in the box, how she was very particular with aligning the stickers with the foam and she kept on saying that those flower layers can't be the same colors.  I was so proud of her.  At 6 she already pays so much attention to small details.  Funny though, because at the end she told me that it was a lot work, LOLZ...
She also made this cute little girl using the perlerbeads.  She almost give up on this.  The beads kept on getting out of the pegboard and it was really hard to pick them up.  Told her not to give up and told her that she needs patience if she wants to become a good crafter.  I also showed her a trick on how she could put the beads without messing up what she'd done.  I gave her my Justrite stamp tweezer too (which is not too sharp in the end). She finished it although I was the one to iron it.  It needs ironing to fuse beads.  I also helped her to put a twine on it. She said she would like to make more of this.  She thinks it was a nice addition to our Christmas tree ornaments.
Here's what Jackie made for the day.  It is basically a mosaic project using a colored pop-dots and foam squares.  Boy, the leftover foams were all over my craftroom now...

I'm so proud of my kids.  The efforts they've put in their projects is worth all the money that I spent on these craft kits.  Now, they still bug me to do more projects but unfortunately, I have some deadlines to meet.  

That's it for the night.  Glad I got myself an SD card today.  My posting was delayed because my small camera is not working and somehow it screw-up my SD card too.

Nyt peeps.  Keep on posting your projects.  Remember the more you post that better chances of you to get this yummy GIVEWAYS.  Also, don't forget to join in my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS!


Maryann said...

This is just some really awesome projects, and I can sure understand, you´re sooo proud of them. I would be too, and they did really really great both of them, that´s for sure. And I agree, it´s really important that they get to learn as much as early as they can and especially, when they show some interst, it´s important to feed that interests, and these results sure have given them the desire for more ha ha ha. Soon you wount have anything in peace anymore, and they´ll start to say like my girls, that we just go into "our" craftroom and make something with " our" stuff ha ha ha.
About the beads, then we can here get such a small devise for beads, that can pick them up and put one n a work, that´s in progress, so they don´t mess it up. DOn´t you have something like this overthere? I´ll remember to add one for her, as it´ll make it much easier for her, if she have one falling out and also to put the beads on, when they´re very close.
I just loved, what you did here all day hun, thanks sooo much for sharing it, and have another wonderful day and week-end hun.

Tammy said...

What lovely creations your grandkids have made. I love doing that stuff with my boys...no girls here so I have to get pretty creative to keep their interest. It is alot of fun though making memories...Enjoy yours!
Have a wonderful week!

Auntie Em said...

The projects are awesome! I love the glittery castle and the new addition to your Christmas tree. So pretty and I have never seen anything like the mosaic car. Very sharp! I think it's so important to encourage kids to be creative in what ever medium they enjoy.

Thank-you for stopping by my blog the other day with all your sweet comments. I am always amazed when folks stop by and comment. They are always so encouraging.

You have such a lovely blog. Very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Kim H said...

Okay... your children are even talented! Jackie and Ella... you both did a fantastic job! I love the castle, the bead girl and the racecar! Jackie that was so sweet of you to help your sister! Ella so glad you didn't give up because we wouldn't be able to admire your creation! Claire you taught your daughter 2 of the most important things to the human race! 1; never give up and 2 PATIENCE! As always Thank You for sharing and hopwe to see more creations! Claire: you are a rock star MOM!