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Saturday, March 19, 2011

NCM Project #13 - Wedding Gift Bag

There are two things I love about gift giving.  First is the shopping then the second is gift wrapping.  People who knew me knows that I pay so much attention on small details.  And as much as possible I love dressing up my gifts if only possible.  Since I was the one who made the gift for Lia's friends who are getting married next month.  I thought I should be the one to wrap it up too. 

All the nice gift boxes in our house won't fit and the only thing available in my house as of the moment are orange and red paper bags, which I would never use for a turquoise-ivory motif.  I started looking around the house again and couldn't find anything but came across with a blue poster sheet.  Thought I could make my own gift bag.  Since I was so eager to get this project done, I just started adhering, scoring the poster sheet without actually making sure of the siz.  As a result, I just screw-up my very last chance to make a gift bag.  I was really frustrated because deep inside I knew that I don't have a choice but use the orange or red bags I have.

They said that "Necessity is the mother of all invention."  Would you still think that this was an orange gift bag?

 I covered each sides of the orange bag with ivory colored CS and added baby blue trimmings and I think I was successful in hiding its original color.
 I want the bag to look clean yet elegant, so I added embellishment that fits in the occasion/event. 
 I also added lacy lace on the top as added top on the blue trimmings and also used it for handle.  I also used a blue flower eyelet to keep the punch hole a lot stronger.
 Added the same ivory colored tulle that I used for the guestbook.
 Also added a string of semi-precious stones and beads and finished it with charm initials and heart.
 Originally, I was planning to put a diecut wedding cake as a centerpiece for the bag but changed my mind since I need something to place the giftcard.  So what I did was make a pocket made from plastic sheet and vellum quotes and adhere it in the front of the bag.
 This is the gift card I made...
Would you still think that this nag used to be real orange in color?
 A closer look on the beaded strings....

Hope it pass your taste!


cebelica said...

These are absolutely stunning!

Maria Luisa- scrap said...

Bellismo este trabajo, el color muy lindo. saludos

GiGi said...

Wow wow wow! That is BEAUTIFUL! I love the beads and lace! So pretty!

Tammy said...

This is just beautiful...

Kim H said...

Okay the bag alone is a gift, not to mention the card! Claire this is just stunning! The details are just incredible! I want to be them just to recieve the bag and the book! You are just so darn talented! I love how you used a orange bag! No one could even tell! Great, great job!